Gifting Cars Supposed To Return Skill Points, Right?

I thought I read someplace that when we gift cars we are supposed to get the skill points back and I remember back when FH5 first came out and the Willy Jeep super wheelspin was a thing that one day after gifting many willy’s I got over 200 skill points returned to me. Is this still a bug or have they decided to not allow the return of skill points anymore?


They definitely patched it with Dec 3rd Patch. If not before. I never gifted a Willy, but I did a lot of other cars and never got my skills back.

I find that hard to believe, since it makes no sense. If you wasted points on skills, thats up to you, why are they going to give you em back? lol.

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Well I did get back over 200 skill points at one point after release, it must have went away with the patch like the other person said but yes it was in the game at one point that is a fact.

Others also had this happen but it does look like it may have been a bug or just removed altogether.

Lol I didn’t know this. So when the massive willy exploit was being used, not only were people getting 2 wheel spins with only 5 SP but also getting those points back after gifting the willy to some poor soul who then had to delete the willy from their garage. Funny.

I don’t mind getting gifted cars. Every one I have received has had the car mastery trees cleared, Willys included.