Gifted Cars At Game Start

When I first installed FH4, there were a number of cars that were “gifted” at the beginning of the game in the Messages section; each one had to be downloaded. Because of some technical issues, I ended up deleting both my local and cloud saved game as well as re-installing the game.

Upon re-installing and starting the game fresh, those gifted cars have not shown up again. Has anyone else had this issue and is there a way to get them back?

If you downloaded all the cars and then reset your progress, they will not come back. I believe it’s one car per account.

I submitted a ticket to Forza Motorsports regarding my missing cars. It took about a week, but today they emailed me and said they would be able to return the cars as well as all the credits, skill points, clothes, etc. that I had in the deleted save. Took me about half an hour to download everything and now I’ve got a few duplicate cars but it all worked out.