gift cars?

does anyone know why they did away with gifting cars to people? or do i just not know how to do it?

You are not missing out on how to do it, there is no option for gifting credits, cars, liverys any longer, not since FM4 and FH1
There are various threads around with more info addressing the why, you’ll have to search though the forums though.
As far as we no, it will not be an added feature down the road in FM6 either, the T10 Staff have said as much.
Who knows though on future games.

Do your gift cars stay available until you claim them, or do they expire?

In FM5 and FH2 they don’t expire. In FM6 however they expire 2 weeks after they were sent. I missed out on the Ford F100 Fallout 4 Edition for this reason :frowning:

Yet another change that T10 have made that is poor, and on top of that they can’t even be bothered to tell us.

Yeah gifting cars was a great way to get friends into playing Forza who might not have the patience to race the slower cheaper cars in order to save up for the exotics. (my kids for instance :))

I sure do love the cars that are gifted from Turn 10… I like them ALOT… Hint Hint if anyone is listening :wink:

I wish you could still gift cars to friends, along with the auction feature they had in Forza Motorsport 4, which was cool but also silly. They have removed a LOT of cool features, but added some really cool ones as well.

I understand the reasons for removing the auction house, but gifting cars could return. Simply only allow a car to be gifted once, and if sold is worth 0 credits. This way there’s no way to exploit it.

I miss being able to gift customs to my club members! I used to award customs for podium prizes too. Auction house was cool feature, created a lot of interest when big names posted up an awesome limited edition design.
Seems a lot of club features were left out. Sad… but we have worked around most of the problems!