Gift Car missing from ( My Cars ) !

Last week , i got a gift Car, it was the Mazda P class car. i looked today, the car is gone, i never even played with it, can i get it back. any one ever have this problem ?

Are you sure you actually had it in your garage and didn’t just see it in the Buy or Rent lists? I’ve been tracking gift cars and the Mazda 787 hasn’t been gifted as far as I know.
If it had been gifted, you would have had a gift message in your message center about it - gift cars don’t normally just appear in your garage.

yes i had it, i downloaded it from the gift Message, it was in my garage. it was gifted to me the same week i join Forzamotorsport .net. and forza VIP member. after i downloaded it my son was driving with it! im not the only one this happen to, i post on another guy tread , that had the same problem .

Did it happen to be the one free car selection for Limited Edition members?

Just to double check, since the garage order can sometimes get shifted around, I would go to Multiplayer, create a private lobby, then change the game options to restrict the make and model to the Mazda 787, then go to select car and see if it shows up in your collection. If not, try a cold reboot (after exiting the game), either by holding the console power button until the console shuts down and/or unplugging the console when it’s off. Restarting from there might recapture your gamesave from the cloud and show the car in your garage again. If that doesn’t work, report the details to

ok, i will try it, thank you