Gift car livery recovery

Is there a way to recover a gift cars livery? I know there is a restore default but for some reason it just restored it to white like when it removes a locked design.

I accidentally removed the gift car livery and then could not restore it.its not a major loss but I do usually keep the gift cars as is and then either make my own or dl something that looks good on a separately “bought” car of the same make and model.

Thanks for any replies.

No, unfortunately I think once it’s deleted it can’t be recovered - much like an auction. Don’t suppose they added their GT to the gift? Maybe you could look up their SF?

There’s a button called “Reset default paint” which is supposed to do what you ask, but it doesn’t work.

That just resets the car to standard paint doesnt it ?

Yes, I’ve always taken it to mean that.
To the OP, I think I mistook what you were originally asking. I thought you were referring to a car that was gifted by another player, not one that you’d received from PG. The principle remains the same however.