Ghost League ?

Hi all. Long time player, first time poster.
I’m new to the online racing part of this game and have been playing some in the ghost leagues. This is my sons’ gamer tag I play under.

My question is how are we intended to race ghost league?

Do we run our best line and just pass through other cars, or are we trying to race clean and allowing the ghost feature to make up for minor/major contact?
I though we raced clean with the ghost canceling our contact (and we give back the spot/s) and my son thinks we race best line and go through other cars.
Both make sense to me and I’ve been playing both ways depending.
Thank you.

It’s just hotlapping with company. Take the best line you can take, everyone else will be.

Ok, thank you very much.

just don’t cut corners


This is a big one. While there isn’t an in-race infraction against corner cutting, it is frowned upon by many in the community, including me. If you’re sliding and go off the track, that’s one thing. But to run off the track with the intention to run a faster lap time and gain spots, it makes a lot of people mad.

In my opinion, curb cutting is ok, as long as two wheels are still on the racing surface. Now, others will disagree with this, but I’m only stating my opinion, not trying to start a fight or anything. Over running the curbs coming out of a corner, that’s what real racers do, and I’m ok with that. Running up on the curbs in the middle of the corner, is fine too. Just keep 2 tires on the track.

That’s my 2 cents.

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