Getting motion sickness from the game

It’s hard to explain but FH5 is causing something like motion sickness/ sea sickness to me after a few races while this never happened to me after about 400h of Forza Horizon 4. I wonder if anyone else feels the same? To me this makes the game unplayable.
FH5 has some kind of constant screen judder (look at trees / poles when driving) and anti-aliasing doesn’t seem to work much, if at all. Please take a look:

This looks much worse when driving through woods, bushes and in cities (argh, the dreaded balcony railings…). Everything around is flickering because of aliasing and the screen is shaking a lot when the road is anything else than ruler flat tarmac.
I don’t have any idea how to fix this, I’ve reinstalled windows, drivers, tried different platforms, have a G-Sync screen but it’s always the same.

This is the second game I’ve played in my life that does this to me, the previous was Test Drive Unlimited 2 which showed a similar kind of juddering when driving.

Maybe driving with a mask on while alone (as per video) is causing oxygen starvation? LOL

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Motion sickness from games is usually a perception issue, try turning motion blur to low or off, and check you’re not getting too low fps. If you use cockpit view, try the zoomed out chase cam view.

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Motion sickness is a thing on XSX if you use quality mode

Makes me feel ill looking at that video. It is close to the TV, I don’t know if that is how close you sit.

If your TV has one of those whatchamacallit smart interpolation settings, turn it off.

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