Getting designs on suggested page?

How does this work? By number of downloads? People say share and unshare often to get more people to see but how can that be right? I never see anyone with just a few downloads on suggested pages? Is share and unshare a waste of time? I see some now with thousands of downloads and they are head scratchers as to why? I paint a lot and just want to know how it works. Thanks

In previous games, the 20 designs recommended by the game were made up of paints belonging to 5 categories of paints and were shown in a specific order. The categories were as follows:

  1. T10 featured or selected designs like livery contest winners.
  2. Paints by creators you followed in game.
  3. Paints by members of your XBox Live friends list or club members.
  4. 5-star popular paints.
  5. New paints.

The 20 paints you were shown were exhausted in order from categories 1 to 5 and once the 20 paint count was reached, you didn’t see any more. So for example, for a particular car if there were four T10 featured paints, 13 paints by creators you followed and 7 paints by XBox Live friends … you would see the four T10 selected paints, the 13 by creators you followed and then 3 of the 7 paints by XBox Live friends to round out the 20 recommended paints. In that case, you would never be shown any 5-star paints or any new paints … you would continue to see the ones before them unless they were unshared.

Some people figured out that if for a specific car there were less than 20 paints from categories 1 through 4 … then new paints would make up the rest of the 20. So they would continue to unshare and reshare their paints to keep them in the ‘New’ category and have them show up as recommended paints. This was not always certain to work … depending on the numbers of paints in the four higher priority categories.

Now we come to Horizon 4 and much of the sharing and rewards system has changed from previous games. There has been no official explanation of how the new system works and many in the content-creating community are trying to figure it out. From what I have seen personally so far, the recommended paint function does not appear to work as it did before because there are painters that I am following that I know have shared a paint for a car … yet that paint is not recommended for me when I look for new designs. I have also heard others say that they have not seen the new system work like it used to either.

So … until we know for sure how this system works and can verify it … not sure if unsharing and resharing will make a difference or not. One other note … in previous games people who used that method of ‘gaming the system’ to skirt the intended method of featuring all painters’ work to keep their own work shown were looked down upon for that by much of the legitimate content creation community. Just so ya know …

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Oh thank you! I am proud of some of mine so far and I have 5 followers. Granted not much but I will take it. I am not looking to do anything shady or something looked down upon. I like getting downloads just because paints are good and deserved. I just wasn’t sure how it worked. It does seem like it is based on download number since I never see anything without a few hundred at the least. I did aee some that were literally just a plain car get 2,000 DL and for the life of me don’t see how or why?

I am a painter who has a fair few downloads now and I only use colours with no liveries, I do spend sometimes hours fine tuning to get them to pop just the way I want in the sun. I paint the colours I want a like and I share them in case others share my feelings, I don’t see how that is a bad thing.

I don’t have the talent of so many others who I follow and whose designs I love and look for with every new iteration.

I didn’t mean to put down plain designs. I just saw one all blue with nothing nice about it at all. So 2,000 downloads seemed odd.