Getting a lot and diffrent IPSEC codes

Getting alot of IPSEC error have tried every fix on the internet at this time!
i using the latest windows 11 Insider DEV is it related to that? any one else on The latest Dev build facing the same problems??

i started a ticket about my issues
but it was just a boot that answer my mail and refer to Microsoft / x box support!

am i Shadow banned? i cant see i am banned on my profile at the site!

You should be able to look up your ban status on the support page under “Forza Safety”.

No bans! :slight_smile:

I think Terodo having issues whit windows 11

Yup, definitely a Teredo problem. I’m running Windows 11 on a new computer. Horizon 5 works fine for me with default settings. Here’s mine:

C:\Windows\system32>Netsh Int Teredo Show Stat
Teredo Parameters

Type : natawareclient
Server Name :
Client Refresh Interval : 20 seconds
Client Port : unspecified
State : qualified
Client Type : teredo host-specific relay
Network : unmanaged
NAT : cone
NAT Special Behaviour : UPNP: Yes, PortPreserving: Yes

Last 2 lines deleted. I’m showing as connected on the Console companion network page.