Get your "You're too early" screenies ready

Should we start making screenies of all the wrong-doing that has been done to the gamers that are spamming that play button every two minutes, after local midnight, hoping to see a different result than “You’re too early”? Try and make Turn 10 use more drastic means to ensure that the consumer is being rewarded for paying for a service? These alleged manual account resets won’t do it for me and shouldn’t for you either. Come on Turn 10, people take day-off’s to play this game, later to realize they could’ve made the money they spent on the game back during that day (or two or more days).

If the problem persists for more than 12 hours for me, personally, I will take it to Microsoft myself. So should all of you that can’t play while they were promised to be able to.

Have patience, and make sure your game is 100% installed. After full installation, I suggest doing a full hard restart of the system.

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Patience is a virtue

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They need to delay the normal edition so we are ensured 4 days early access lol.

Then those people would be upset. It’s a lose-lose situation for T10/PG.

Bet the OP is already in the game at this point.

You are right, hehe. It came on for me at 6 am, somehow I was tied to the American release although I do live in Europe…