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Good afternoon, I am a fan of Forza Horizon 4 from the Russian Federation. The game turned out just great, the attention of location designers to the details is amazing, everything looks very cool, real, natural.

However, the game can be even better, more interesting and also attract new audiences if developers add one very important, missing detail - this is visual tuning.

Such as bodykits, body parts, spoilers, discs, skirts (as an example of the iconic NSF Underground 2) It’s just a shame when such an incredible auto-simulator doesn’t reveal its full potential, and instead of the desired parts and accessories listed above, we get ballet slippers, pink boots , tights …

I bet that if you realize the missing part of tuning, then all motorists will run at Forza with all their might. As an example, I suggest instead of slippers and pantyhose to play on wheelspin unique visual tunings, because the game is not about the driver’s clothes, but about cars. As an example, I would like to collect a Mercedes in Brabus tuning, Lorinser, or BMW in the body kit, Hamman, Nissan in the kit, do luck, etc.

I want to see bodykits, accessories for all cars, regardless of the year of production or class. I think that most fans of the Forza will support me in this matter …

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I absolutely agree with the post, it’s really very disappointing to see a game with such a visually high level of detail, atmosphere, and graphics in general, not implemented properly.
When you want deeper visual customization of the car that would make it unique, but instead you win some sort of T-shirts and ballet tutus.

And the last Lego DLC in the game … is it a disaster at all … people who make the game, do you even know who plays Forza?

These are mainly adults and accomplished people in real life who like motorsport, there are no children among them, and even if there are very few of them.

Personally, among my friends who playing Forza , of which there are a lot, there are no people under 28 years old (!!!) and you release LEGO … LEGO !!! For whom???

All that the Forza needs to make it an absolute hit of all time is more space, more roads, more locations to drive, more visual tuning options … It was also obvious in Forza 3. And in Forza 4, instead of new and large, very large locations, you release an DLC with LEGO …

I’d like to believe that the post above will be noticed, and the people that made such a wonderful game as Forza will listen and take the right direction for the further development of this great game!

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