General question

Please note, this is NOT a request thread, but…

As a general question, I noticed someone post about the Singer 911 being put in FH2.

Trying to word this carefully, lol, if T10 decided they’d like to add it, would it have copyright issues because of the Porsche problem that we face, or would it be plonked in as a Singer??

It would depend on the fine print but taking a look at a description I see on google and the singer website it sounds to me like a Singer is a Porsche.

Singer basically remakes old 911s using modern tech. The only thing they really share is the styling. A bit like RUF I guess…

No not like RUF. RUF as an organisation re design/re build a car by a minimum of 51% therefore gaining manufacturer status. And allowing Microsoft use of the license. Where as singer effectively just modernise an older Porsche. And do not change sufficient enough parts to call it a singer in its own right. As alot of their builds are parts pulled from other generation 911s. Chis Harris did a great video on them

“Before diving into the build, it is important to note that Singer Vehicle Design is not an automaker or manufacturer. All vehicles are registered under the original Porsche factory VIN to his customers, who have brought them to the shop for restoration, tuning and customization. The company doesn’t sell cars; they restore and modify existing Porsche automobiles.”