[Gearbox] Zero´s Garage Liberty Walk Huracan *wip [Horizpn 2]

sup everyone its been a long time ^^!

here´s my gallery with a few cars i´ve done so far
and some wip… hope you like it



What’s not too like they are all awesome…

Welcome back.

Wow! Way too cool! This is just amazing! Keep up the great work, between you and jfiler Gearbox makes the best widebodies in the game! Awesome work mate, really well done!

looking awesome as always bro, love the work you do to these cars, and whole new style :slight_smile:

Welcome back sir!

Nice work mate :+1:

the rx7 looks good zero always been a fan of ur rx7’s

sorry for the short reply everyone
but thank you for the kind words and welcome :D!

im gonna finish the amemiya FD next *logos and bodywork, along with the J´s Racing custom S2000 logos.

after that, im gonna switch to horizon 2… its a really good game and a huge step up from the first one.
allready started on a few cars but first the Liberty Walk Huracan early wip

Mother of god!!! We’re all doomed!!! Stunning mate.
Makes me think of not doing any kit works now :frowning:


Love the Liberty Walk, but hey everyone knows im a huge fan lool :wink: Awesome work bro :slight_smile:

The S2000 well your just the master when it comes to that car, love it :slight_smile:

thanks you ^^!!
yeah those cars looks just insane… would be great if you could share some sourcepics.
you did some of those cars in forza 4…the porsche rsr was my favourite of yours.

Thanks alot bro, done alot of them in FM4, and can only say Facebook, thats where i find my pictures :slight_smile:

Actually got contacted by Wataro Kato from Liberty Walk asking what it was, he had found my pictures of the 430 S was :slight_smile:
And yea my Porsche is also my own fav. :slight_smile:

Nice work!

Yeah, this is just depressing knowing that this will be my standard. You really set the benchmark high! I love the Huracan but that AP1 just has some of the most amazing bodywork I have ever seen. Just simply amazing!

WOW those kits are looking stunning!!!

The body kit work in this thread is insane! I need to get that FD and S2000 when it’s finished :slight_smile:

Nice kit work as always mate loving these :slight_smile:

Zero, come back! We miss your insane bodykits!


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zero your killing me, just saw this and went searching for the RE FD! Wherever you are hope all is well man