Gear Shifting Question

Hi guys/girls, 'm having problems with shifting e.g. in Monza 1st bend right after the straight from the start. I’m on the 6th gear before i start braking and i’ve tried to shift to 5th then 4th gears before making the turn but the car seems to lose control and i’ve tried shifting quickly from 6 all the way to the 2nd gear so i can go through the bend smoothly. Am I supposed to never get as high as the 6th gear in the 1st place and is switching quickly from 6-5-4-3 quickly not advisable? Thanks.

Shifting down from 6th gear is fine.

The car is losing control most likely because the rear wheels are losing grip. The loss of grip comes from the rear wheels are slipping (wheels wants to turn but engine is not revving fast enough). IRL the throttle blip is employed to rev up the engine speed so the wheels/tires do not experience the downshift so abruptly.

This will happen at every downshift unless the throttle blip is used or sequential shift (manual gear without clutch).

If this is occurring with manual gear without clutch then suspension and/or differential may have to be looked at.

  1. Suspension: rear suspension needs to be relaxed a bit, either the spring rate or the rebound damping. Alternate is to stiffen the front suspension.
  2. Differential: decel diff needs to be increased until BOTH rear wheels are providing approximately same braking power (instead of 1 wheel gripping & 1 wheel locking).
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