"Games Night" questions

Hi All,

Had a message in game from “Turn 10” inviting me to join the dev team in playing on the 26th of Feb with the opportunity to get my hands on a unicorn. The message then provides a link to the facebook forza website.

My questions are:

Can I participate even though I’m not on facebook?
When I click the “Games Night” link on that facebook site nothing happens. Does it only work during the times given in the message on Feb 26th?
If I were to get a unicorn car through this games night would I get the “Unicorn from auction house” achievement ?

Please help! This may be my last chance to get a unicorn!

I too do not do Facebook, so I look forward to the answers for those questions.

Facebook is just for the pre-game chat session mostly, the link will work on the day of the event, yes you will get the achievement…commenting on the RVM weekly thread is the easiest way too get a unicorn

In-game message that says Forza Game Night will be held 26th February is actually from 2013 (or even from 2012?). So that doesn’t hold quite true. But it says on newest WIR that game with devs is making a return this Wednesday;

“Game With Devs Is (Coming) Back!
Well, it’s been too long, hasn’t it? Too long since we’ve had a proper get-together in Forza Motorsport games. So, with that in mind, our next Forza Game With Dev event is happening [INSERT DATE HERE] on Wednesday, Feb. 5 from 2 – 4 p.m. Pacific. We’ll be playing Forza Motorsport 5 naturally, but we’ll also be making time in Forza Motorsport 4 and Forza Horizon so everyone is included in the fun.”

Earlier times you wouldn’t have to had a facebook account to enter the chat, but a Twitch account to post messages.

What is that thread? Link? Surely they don’t just give them away by commenting on a thread?!

Ha! Sorry didn’t realize the message was so out of date, strange I should get it as I’ve only gotten the game in the last few months. What’s a real shame is I’m going to miss the Wednesday (TOMORROW!) game session as I can’t get the time off work at this short notice. Do you have a date for the next event? I need a unicorn!!

I don’t know the next date, but I would assume they’re going to organize those more regularly from now on. Getting a unicorn from participating to Game with Devs isn’t guaranteed, though. Chat is usually full of people spamming for unicorn wishes. And you’ll be very lucky to get to same lobby with devs. Some devs give unicorn to all players in lobby, but some only give one for the winner.

Posting to news discussion threads are more guaranteed to get a unicorn. Write something “smart” about the topic and don’t forget to include your gamertag and unicorn to the end of the post. Also if you’re good at painting or taking photos take a look at here. You should also keep your eyes on Manteo Max’s unicorn thread.

Unicorns may be harder to get nowadays, but there’s also fewer people who are asking them. So your changes to get one are better.

When is the next game night i have a message that said it is today the 26th of feb