Gameplay - when Shifting is Manual W/ Clutch gears may be automatically set sometimes - (3906924)

I’ve been dealing with this too. It changes depending on the car. Currently, been driving the 850CSI, and if I’m running 6th going 60MPH, it’ll shift back down to 2nd. Hopefully this will get fixed soon because it’s been making racing and cruising very difficult and annoying…

For players still experiencing this issue can you provide more information please.

  • Does this happen for all cars or just some cars?
  • Are you using a tune on the car? Can you provide screenshots of your tune settings?
  • What kind of controller or wheel are you using?
  • Can you provide a video of this issue?
  • Can you provide a video or screenshots of your current in-game controller layout, difficulty settings, and advanced Controls settings


Controller - Xbox Series X/S Standard Official Controller
Cars - Any Car, no downloaded tunes.
Frequency - Happens every time during server refresh every now and then, when random players go missing on the map.

I read about this bug a while ago but never experienced it myself until now, but the newest update broke the shifting and indeed the whole game, because it is annoying as hell.
I got the gearbox set to manual but it randomly downshifts automatically and in the worst possible moments, too. Taking corners in higher gear on low revs is like Russian roulette now because you don’t know if or rather when it shifts down from 5th to 2nd, shooting up the revs and sending you into a massive slide and/or spin.

Playing on PC with a Xbox Series X controller, gearbox set to manual (without clutch), it happens practically all the time, car doesn’t matter - stock or tuned, it happens to all of them.

Please fix this ASAP because it really ruins the game. Thank you in advance.


Unable to Repro – We are closing this thread as we tried to reproduce the issue multiple times, without success. We will consider reopening this in case we receive videos of the issues, since we didn’t receive any so far.

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