Gameplay - tire pressure calculation in rain etc

Seriously. This is a problem. I was just running the Playa Azul Circuit in a M2 and I was watching tire pressure cos I’m currently tuning the thing. Saw the pressure drop almost 3psi by hitting a small puddle. That’s not how it works lolol ( by real life calculations, that puddle would have to be 30 degrees colder than the air around it - a tire loses and/or gains about 1psi per 10 degrees ). I could see it dropping a lil bit maybe, but 3psi, c’mon. I’ve noticed this in rainy conditions too. IRL rain doesn’t affect tire pressure that much. Maybe .5 - 1psi at best, MAYBE 2 if the rain is cold enough.

Something else that irks me is that IRL tire pressure targets are much higher for the sweet spot. In game it’s about 33psi, but IRL it’s 35 - 40 hot for cars around 3k lbs. If I set up my car to have a 40 psi target, the grip is very brittle and lap times are slower. Feels like there’s a weird hard cap at around 40 psi. Doesn’t make much sense, but here we are.

Have a look at some numbers. >> What Tyre Pressure for Racing? What Hot Pressure?

Maybe telemetry isn’t reading it right, idk. I got this 1 M right here and consistently getting about .5s faster times with 30psi cold vs 34psi cold. Doesn’t compute. Target for this car should be around 37psi hot. 30psi cold doesn’t hit that target. Really gotta stop making up your own numbers for this stuff if that’s the case. If it’s just a case of the telemetry reading wrong then that’s what it is.

If I’m rolling simulation tire wear, this is very important.


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