Gameplay - Steering: Simulation - Countersteer bug (Physics?)

The car can sit in a state where the “countersteer assist” goes full crazy. Needs some griploss before on reartires. Push stick 1% to trigger countersteer

There also seems to be a bug on quick switchbacks/chicanes. Second input locks the wheel to perfect center

On simulation that’s pretty accurate to real life, it’s when the front wheels grip and you’ve got too much angle in, the car gets thrown around like that.

It’s not the “thrown around” part it’s the portion that initiated it. It started with the 190E in the rain (video in middle) car was under control all i’ve tried was small correction not this full countersteer reaction.

In last video with the 190E on dry u can clearly see me countersteering to trigger same reaction and everything is fine until it reached the spot. And it’s not stick full left it’s smallest input to left. It’s fine on center

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