Gameplay - Shifting Causing Engine Damage in Manual or Manual W/ Clutch modes (1770765)

It’s not even something the auto drive controls can avoid :joy:
Just got ‘Bruce’ (I’m named my B-spec mode) to run the second career race of this month with the 919, every lap, 1% engine damage picked up bit by bit every time a gear shift happened.
If even the system designed by Turn 10 to do everything adequately enough to give everyone a fair chance can’t avoid it, how is still a ‘feature’?


Status update - the team has identified the issue where clutch shifting increases RPM on downshift when using Manual or Automatic shifting setting. A fix is planned for an upcoming update.


As previously posted, the shifting process in general is working as intended. While this topic is being closed for bug reporting, if you have an idea about improving the shifting experience please post it in the Suggestions Hub.

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