Gameplay - End Of Race Timer/End Of Race Triggered Before Race Timer Completed

I was racing at Eaglerock A Class online, and suddenly found a glitch where the race was finish on the start of lap 1.

First Race I come onto for today, so possibly premature but very out of the ordinary.

Launched into a MP Race on Mugello Circuit. Was Qualified P1, and in P1 at the Start of the Race. Half way through Lap 1, the Race End Timer starts. Before even completing the first lap, the race Ends due to the timer. I was in P1 by 2.6 seconds, and it showed another racer as P1 at the end. Not sure if this is a bug, or an intentional glitch that occurred within the race.

Bug Info: Multiplayer - Forza GT Series
Platform: PC - Steam
Edition: Premium
Account: Solo Account
Attempted fixes: N/A
Content Update: Races were completing as normal.

Got same bug 3 times already, right after race start, we got 1,5 min timer and, then race ends with ramdom finish positions, due to this bug i went from 4999 to 4986.

One race that i rember was factory race cars on le mans.

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I noticed this today. Quick race, random everything and as soon as you cross the start line the race is over and your awarded the win.

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Bug Info: gameplay - Multiplayer - Happened a few times but not very frequently. Latest example was this evening, 2 laps of 9, lime rock, S class hopper, no notice just the race end timer popping up with 5 secs left. Game proceeds to end, I was 2nd at the time, race result showed 8th.
Platform: Windows PC
Edition: Standard + Add-Ons
Content Update: Handful of times prior to update

I had a session in multiplayer that ended prematurely. The thing is i’ve seen the same being reported on reddit. It’s occasional but it happends. Say we’d be racing and all of a sudden the end race timer pops up indicating we have x amount of time left. And so the race ends and everyone gets marked as DNF. In my case the timer appeared just after 3 laps on the homestead miami oval. The race was supposed to be like 12-13 laps…

Platform: PC/Steam

This just happened to me as well, at Suzuka in Forza GT. P1 leaves the lobby at race start, promoting me from P2 to P1 and giving the “Race Ending” message once the Race Countdown has finished. Entire lobby DNFs before a single lap is finished, and Starting Grid positions are kept even though I was knocked down from P1 to P4 by a divebombing Dodge. Only ones who lost position are the ones who left the lobby.

PC (GamePass)

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had the same bug

I have had 3 races now cut out mid race saying I was disconnected from the session. Every time was soon after a major ramming event where I was the spun or run off the track. The frustrating part is that I have finally started qualifying in the top 5.

Had the exact same bug, E class at laguna seca. I noticed the pole position car was nonexistent before the race started. Maybe it bugged the game into thinking he already finished, starting the race end timer?

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Bug Info: Private multiplayer, various GT cars at Yas Marina, race was set to be timed for 3 hours and 30 minutes. 2 hours and 11 minutes into the race, the end of race timer was triggered when one driver crossed the finish line. This person was not leading and did not start on pole. When the timer ended, the race ended. A game clip showing the premature end of the race and the lobby settings are below.

Platform: Series X, Windows PC
Edition: Game Pass, Standard, Deluxe, Premium, Add-Ons
Account: Solo accounts
PC GPU: Various
Peripheral: Various
Settings: Various
Xbox Settings: Various
Attempted fixes: Unsure how to proceed…
Content Update: On latest update, did not notice before this but also did not do a race this long

We just had a similar issue, player left the game, which triggered the race end timer.