Gameplay - Driver Suit Randomly Changes (1739411)

I do have the same issue. But only with the Porsche Racing suit. Every other suit doesn’t get reset. It resets every time when I restart the game. Once selected it stays until I close the game. When I then start it again it’s also the Orange Diagonal.

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No matter which outfit I pick for my avatar to wear. Once I log off the game and come back it switches to “Diagonals Orange”. It increasingly becoming more annoying because I tired of switching it each time I play. Honestly keeps from playing as much as I like, it puts me in a bad mood lately. Its been happening for at least a month now. Please fix this glitch.

Long lasting bug. Probably won’t get fixed anytime soon.

Anybody on here getting this issue, it only seems to happen when you shut down your Xbox or restart. If you use sleep mode instead your suit doesn’t change.

Can’t confirm this at all. I’m using sleep mode and the suit changes all the time, regardless of whether or not the game is on quick resume.

The same for me, starts with Porsche one

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