Game won't load past first rectangle of gt2 (PC)

I try to load Forza 7 and it won’t get passed the first loading screen, just stays on it until I close the game. Was working fine yesterday. Tried restarting game, signing out of microsoft store and xbox app, still nothing.

I have the same issue. I have a workaround that I must have used 30 times now. Really wish this would get fixed


Go to Settings

Find Forza Motorsport 7 in the list of apps and click it

Click the link for Advanced Options

Click the Reset button

Go to the Store and reinstall all the DLC you have

If the Xbox app is still open from before close it and reopen

You can now launch Forza but it will have to sync your profile before you can play. Sync might sit at 0% for a min or two, it will finish eventually though

This did not work for me.

This use to work for me until this week. Ughhhh