Game unplayable after latest update

Just loaded game with latest updates and took 10 minutes to load then tried a race another 5 minutes later track loaded then went on it and graphics and sound jerky very disappointed as this the only reason I have Xbox is for this one game any help to get it back running right ??

Have you properly restarted your console from within the console settings menu since you installed the update …so the green xbox screen comes up

Not just turning it off and on since that does nothing if you have the console set to always on

When was the last time you did a hard reset on your Xbox?

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This is happening to me as well. I’m on PC. Runs smooth unless I stay in menus for more than a few minutes then the framerate in menus goes to about 15fps and driving is stuttery. The funny thing is that they fixed the frame rate issue with the menus in the last update and now it’s completely broken again. Seems like every windows or forza update breaks every game. Forza Horizon 3 and 4 have had more and more performance issues with every update as well. Getting really sick of this garbage. Updates shouldn’t ruin games. The second I updated to windows 1803 everything turned to garbage. Before that my performance was great in every title and everything was smooth. Now it’s non stop issues with games. Considering the amount of money I’ve spent on the computer and games, enraged doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about Microsoft.