Game stops downloading due to error

I had to refresh 10 times within 3 hours to make it finish, only to f find later it will crash on first loading screen.

So what, am I supposed to spend 3-4 hours sitting and waiting to refresh this *^%^%$#% to keep downloading.?

I tried Microsoft support and it was useless because he suggested it was my network even though I had no problem downloading from Origin at the same time.

I am a new Microsoft customer, this is the first app I purchased in their poor quality store. If you had “privilege” being MS customer for
longer and are familiar with this issue please help.

After suffering through downloading it, I found that it crashes before turnstudio video finishes. The driver error with FH301 code might be playing the role here, but it doesn’t even identify my driver I had correctly. In fact, I had tried 4 driver versions from NVidia for gtx980 and they are all identified as 9731. What an unprofessional joke it was to release this game in this state.

I have refunded it and if you have problem I recommend you do the same.
One more thing, do you think it is alright that the pages in this forum load at least 10 seconds each?
I might give this game a try when “full evaluation” version is cra… released.
Goodbye Microsoft store for now.