Game starts to launch then gives message that profile change game must close.

For 2 days now ive been having this issue and Forza 7 is starting to really irritate me. It all started about 2 weeks ago when xbox was having issues with signing in.
When i start to load the game i get this message “The signed in profile has changed. The game will now close. If you would like to continue playing, please restart the app” .
Nothing in my profile has changed, and ive restarted the game 20+ times
Can somebody please tell me what is going on at microsoft, this problem has only been occurring the past 2 days.
Thanks in advance to anyone that has an answer.

Not sure whether you are on PC or Xbox but how about signing out of the Xbox Live App if on PC or out of the Xbox console explicitly. Then power off you system and restart - expecting you would then get prompted to Login to your profile when starting up Forza 7

Last night signing out of the app and microsoft store worked but today as i was about to join a lobby the problem came back and now that doesnt fix it lol.
Thanks for the suggestion buddy

i have this problem only if my internetconnection is half down: I start FM7 - it takes some time - than it’s telling me that the game cant connetc i have to play offline, as soon as the internetconnection is established i get the same message as you and i have to quit. Same if the internetconnection is instable (on, off,superslow on, off,on…)
Maybe check the stability of your connection.