Game save/progress NOT lost; a scary moment (and maybe what NOT to do?)

The other day I was having trouble getting into a lobby, so I decided to back out to the main menu and work on some paints. The black screen while waiting stayed a LONG time, maybe 7 or 8 minutes; I thought about going to the dashboard and quitting the game, but the “save” reticule/dial in the lower right corner was still spinning.

I finally just walked away, and after about five more minutes (WAY longer than 10 minutes total) I was back at the FM5 main menu. But the background didnt look right, like not all of the screen image loaded. I backed out to the “start” screen, then to the dashboard where I quit the game.

I turned the console off and then back on, reloaded the game and thankfully all my data was still there. I just bought my last car in the game last week - own EVERY car now - so losing that work would have been bad.

I truly think if I would’ve quit the game while it seemed “locked up”, it would have messed up the sync. If this happens to you - leave it alone, let it do its thing, and it might be awhile BUT you might save your data from corruption. In my opinion, anyway.


You raise a valid point and I think it is one that identifies a source of people’s problems with corrupting/losing their game save data. It cannot be stressed enough that if it appears that the game has become stuck while in the loading or saving sequence, let it be! I can’t say that all instances of people reporting the loss of their save file were quick to shut down during this processes; but, there is a greater number of folks who haven’t lost their data and it begs the question: what are they doing differently that might be keeping their files intact? I think being mindful of the on screen icons and avoiding system shutdowns/restarts when these indicators are present is a good way to ensure your game save remains intact.

You make a great point! The only time I’ve ever lost game saves was on TDU2, when the game didn’t always display an autosave icon. That was patched early on, but after that I always watched fout for it. If a game is still autosaving, I don’t mess with it.

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