Game loads same car at startup

Every time I start Forza 7 it reverts back to the very first car I purchased that I never drive and not the car I was last driving is this a bug?

Been doing it since day one for me but occasionally I am surprised to see the last car I raced.

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Wow Forza 7 is so unpolished and full of bugs

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The only time I get this is when I get a game crash on the Xbox

Where are all these bugs? Is this just a vocal minority thing.

I have played over 50 hours now and the only bugs I have seen in this game are cosmetic

One were the colour of the car changes to gray,
One were the car icon dissapears on start screen
and one were it displays the assists on you speedometer when they are turned off.
There is also a little of slow down when selecting a car in multiplayer

Other than this I have not seen anything else I would consider a bug.

Well I guess were all a bunch of liers or you gotten lucky but try one thing this normaly causes a crash for me go your cars or the auto show and scroll through each car as fast as you can Ford is a good one If I try to get to the last car in the list in a hurry game will crash on me, Dont wait for each car to load in the list just scroll as fast as you can.

I’ve experienced this one time on Xbox. I slowed down after that one time.

Just tried several times, no problem, doesn’t even seem to lag.
I’m not saying yous are liars, I am just not seeing any of these bugs.
I think my game has probably crashed 1 in the whole time I have had it, but this happens from time to time with a lot of games.

Are yous playing on PC?

There was one other bug I experienced and that was a glitch were the credit sound would stay after the reward screen, i think I’ve seen that happen maybe 3 times.

I am on PC I could list all the bugs but I guess it would be quicker to list what works. I am a Forza fan of both FM and FH and quite frankly this version has been a shocker for me.

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Yep, VW Golf here.

I’d love to see that car when I started the game. Right now it’s this ridiculously useless donk.

It’s very random for me. I play on 3 different consoles at two totally different locations. Sometimes same location same consoles I get the Mazda super(my default car I guess…), sometimes I get last car used. Same goes for alternate, other locations.

I get my beautiful McLaren F1 on startup so it’s more of a blessing for me :slight_smile: and whats the problem with that anyway? I mean surely it’s not that big a deal right?

I’m always starting in the Mini john cooper. Only started happening after I kept using the Nissan GTR FE over and over again to farm CR and XP.