game has changed so much?! conorhcfc1888 add me

I have waited so long to play this and finaly I have it and what a change it is from forza 4…i haven’t a clue anymore lol as I said it has changed so much. can any one tell me how to join lobbys for drags and car meets or even how to get to manufacture list lol

You can’t do any of that anymore.

Welcome to next-gen.

There are a couple drag public hoppers or you can set up a private drag lobby and invite your friends.

Unfortunately most of the garage sorting options that were in FM4 no longer exist. Basically all you can do is press the X button which will then bring up the option to sort by manufacturer. You then have to scroll sideways through them all. RB will get you through faster as you will then skip through manufacturers instead of going through one car at a time. I tell you, I sure miss the dropdown menus from FM4. You can’t even sort by body type or # of cylinders, all those options are gone :frowning:

As for car meets the only way to do it is to set up a private match and invite people. Without the public custom lobbies like we had in FM4 it’s much more difficult to do these types of events.

You can’t find custom public lobbies for drag racing, and there are no car meets in Forza 5, since that’s a Horizon 2 feature. You also can’t sort the cars in any way, I think.

Maybe Forza 6 might have those features.

For now, use the wishlist thread.

Cars can be sorted by manufacturer, class, and drive type.