Game freezing shortly followed by no ffb G920

i5 6500 OC 4.2
GTX 970
Win. 10 Pro
One program (Steam) is running in the background.
Drivers, wheel firmware and software all up to date.

I’m experiencing an issue with Forza when using my G920 wheel. I can boot up the game and play for at least an hour or two before the game freezes for 15-30 seconds, either in the menus or during a race. It (Forza) seems to consistently come back without crashing, but when it does there is no feed back through the wheel. If it freezes in the menus there is no ffb through the wheel in the next race I enter.

The way I’ve been working around this is to Alt-Tab out of the game, unplugging my wheel and plugging it back in before tabbing back into the game.

I looked through the known issues list and tried searching for a topic relating to this but didn’t see one. My apologies if this is a known issue and has been covered already, but some help would be greatly appreciated.

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I’ve bern having the same issue with one G920 and again with a warranty replacement G920.

The issue does not happen when I don’t Power the wheel with the AC adapter. This leads me to believe the issue is the forcefeedback system overheating, somehow causing the game to pause.

This pause is especially frustrating in multiplayer racing as it causes me to lose positions; it’s like my car stands still for several moments.

When playing on the Xbox One, there are no issues if I recall correctly.

I’d very much like to have this issue resolved!