Game freezing consistently 20 seconds into gameplay

As the title explains, my game freezes without fail, and in the exact same way, every single time I try to play this game. I successfully enjoyed the game for about 10 hours after launch with the odd crash, mostly related to RivaTuner monitoring software.

The last time I was able to play this game was the night before the Winter Season change came for the community.

I freeze in menus, or while in my car, or while saving. It doesn’t matter what settings I run, or what I’m doing in game. This game freezes (with audio repeating) like absolute clockwork. The screen freezes no matter what I’m up to and the sound will repeat if a sound effect was playing. Background ambiance continues to run normally. I can comfortably alt tab the game and can see it moving memory around and using a small bit of CPU, but the game is frozen completely aside from some background audio.

I’ve reset the game, I’ve redownloaded the game. I’ve changed video drivers. I’ve reset all settings on my PC to stock and disabled all possible software. I’ve used Display Driver Uninstaller to totally reset my video drivers. I’ve tried making sure I’m completely up to do.

I have a high end system with everything up to date. 2700X with GTX 1080 and 16GB of RAM. I have run various stress tests, like OCCT, Prime and Karhu RAM Test to verify my PC is not producing errors, running each piece of software for 8 hours minimum, but up to 12 hours straight. Windows, graphics drivers and BIOS are all up to date.

Every other game works flawlessly. Forza Motorsport 7 works flawlessly… I have played 10 hours of this game, and the moment the Winter season hit I have been completely unable to get this game to run.

I’m at my wits end. I paid for the Ultimate Edition and I’n wondering if there will ever be a solution? It’s been a week.

Same here… no clue how to fix it.