Game falure at load "can not read disc" on a download.

I have gone to Xbox support 2 times about this and we have done all sorts of things. I cleared the cache, Delete and re-download the game, removed the hard drive, attempted with a different hard drive and flash drive, Removed all possibly corrupted files in any to all of the storage devices, I have attempted the data trick, downloading enough demos to equal the data of Forza Horizon. It worked before but not now and My helpful Xbox representative sent me here.Said it can’t be hardware?. What can I do?

This is I’m afraid a known issue. I hope someone else can inform you better x.


Unfortunately this a very old problem. Morally there should be a message warning you that the game might not work on your console. A fix is being worked on apparently, but were told this 12 months ago??. Much better off buying the disc version!!

Too late…

It was a DRM issue - can’t remember the specifics but there was a post in the old forums about how to deal with the issue. I would suggest an email to T10 at asking them for the details to be posted on the new forums so members like yourself can get some assistance.

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I have the same problem. I ended up buying the disk because they could not fix it.

i have the same problem WITH the disk! i dont know what to do!

Check the disc for damage or marks - if that isn’t the problem then Xbox support can run you through some tests to check your disc drive. Can also try the disc in a friends console to see what happens.

I went to play Horizon on my 360 and got the 03-57-00 error. The game was even installed on my hard drive. I deleted the game off the hard drive and kept all the other stuff under the Horizon on the hard drive. I tried this game on 2 other 360 system and got the same danged error while other games worked fine. The disc is clean like the day I bought it. The last update was in april of 2013 and the game worked fine and now all of a sudden it doesn’t work as of october 2014. Ticked because it was the $80 version. Could try a disc exchange for $20 buut I am afraid the same thing will happen then I am up to $100 for the game.

I’m having the same issue with the DVD (my console only has 2GB storage). Only since accepting a recent console update though. No fix is available?