Game drops to 4fps when controller has low battery

Okay this is probably the weirdest bug that I have ever seen in a game, but if you use a wireless Xbox controller to play FH5 on PC, (Like a LOT of us do), apparently if you have low battery in it the game will randomly (after a little while) drop to like 4fps with EXTREME input lag. Like, I literally can’t do anything due to the lagg.

When I tab out of the game however, I see in the background that the game goes back up to 90fps like normal. When I tab in, BAM 4fps.

This was frustrating me so much as it kept happening, until I noticed that during the 6th time this lag started, my controller completely died (due to no battery) and as soon as it died all lag dissapeared completely…. When I changed the batteries everything went back to normal and the fps drop never came back.

Same thing happened to my friend on his PC when his controller started to get low battery

So yeah… I post this here in the forums as a solution for anyone googling in frustration like me and not finding anything. Doesn’t feel like this will be a quick fix by PG, tbh

If this is happening within the last 1-2 minutes before the controller shuts off its “normal” it does that. In that case it’s not a FH5 “problem” it happened to me since Xbox One released on multiple occasions in a lot of different games, so I think it’s something within the Dashboard infrastructure. Haven’t had that on my XSX though…