Game Developing Advisory From China

Dear TURN10 team

I’m Wyatt from Glorious International Group, in Shanghai, China. We have over a decade of experience in automobile industry, and invested in business sections of sports cars, racing club, and electric sports with strategic targets of being a pioneer for popularizing the motorsports culture in China.

I’m reaching out to you for a sim-racing game project to support our business, as you have very strong presence in computer game industry, especially in the physics development. Before get the project start and recruiting a team, I would like to ask for your advice, if you can help and what kind of solution you can offer to us on this project, as well as the corresponding costs?

We don’t have specific proposal of the game design yet, but we do have some preferred games for your reference like GTR, rFactor2, AMS, Pcars, AC, F7, FH4, and Iracing etc. etc… A small thought is we want the game to be more sim-cade, which is easier to start in novice level, designed for masses and to be built as an electric sports platform. We hope the thing we are going to do can contribute a little in promoting the racing electric sports in China.

I will be waiting for your valuable advice, thanks.

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