Game data reset (Xbox)

Went to play FM7 this afternoon and my game data has been reset. I have hard restarted my console and checked my hdd to ensure my saved data was not deleted (shows 14mb of saved data for my profile). Also restarted the game several times. The game is up to date and the only idea i have left to resolve the issue is to reinstall the game AGAIN. Any help is welcome.

The same thing just happened to me. I see my progress in achievements, or stats on the xbox screen (like 2d44min played, car collector level 12, etc.) But every time i try to start the game it brings me to the intro and asks me to choose gender… I’ve just done the latest nov 27 update. The second profile on my console is fine. I do not want to restart from scratch as I am almost done the last championship for the forza cup. Anyone out there knows what to do? I’m going to patiently sit still for a while and hope for a fix. I’m always playing forza linked to the internet as last year I got multiple achievements in forza horizon blizzard offline and never got them once i logged in. Unfortunately, I can’t do 100% of the roads or all of the boards anymore since my game tells mee i’m at 100% but the achievement tracker still doesn’t see it after almost 1 year.


Please read: [RESOLVED] Game starting from scratch - Updates and request for information. - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums

Thank you