Game crashing after series 36 patch

Since yesterday game crashed 5 times in random places (garage, freeroam, ranked adventure).
Anyone having trouble with that?

I’m on PC

Sorry, no problems here, game runs fine on both - laptop and desktop …* knocks on wood*.

I’m on PC and the game is running fine. In fact things are back to pre Steam release i.e. no waiting fast travelling and no random disconnects. Probably worth reinstalling.

same here

keeps crashing after the update yesterday (series 36)

always CTD’s (Fullscreen -1440p - 90fps - Ultra/Extrem/Custom)

as workaround it works more stable in windowed mode at lower settings. (small Window - 1080p - 60fps - Ultra/Automatic settings)

I did a complete deinstall / install, nothing changed keeps crashing

well my problem is gone after I got a new grafics card, had nothing to do with the game

Since I posted here I had no crash. So I can say that crying in forum fixed my game :slight_smile:

On serious note: in my case game usually was crashing after patch, when there was new graphics card driver waiting for installation. But there was no NVIDIA update yesterday.

EDIT: new graphics card driver just poped up. What a coincidence.

Always CTD now when entering speed traps. Any help?
CTD more often recently. sometimes BSOD.
Not sure I need to update to latest Windows v21H1.
I am now v1904 only. Not much problem previously.
or anything to do with the update of AMD driver?

Playing actual game without Windows update doesn’t make much sense. Nobody tested some ancient versions.

Thanks for reply.
Checked again, It is v2004 not 1904
will try to update later as it might takes a lot of time, as much as re-installing a new windows.

However I can complete the speed zone and all other seasonal stuff in summer season last week, not now in autumn.

CTD when entering speed zone and completing a drift zone. No problem with speed traps and danger signs.
Can play online and see the leaderboard of the PR stunts.
What happened?

Tried sign out and in account and downloading another app in store.
Problem still there.
Don’t think its S36 patch problem, but it happen to me soon after the update.