Game crashing after loading up and pressing play

Sorry if I post it in the wrong section but I usually don’t have problems with games.

My Microsoft store version of Motorsport crashes right after it loaded up und you press play. It worked fine untill friday but I had to reinstall all my games and now it stopped working. I didn’t change anything else on my pc. I already pressed repair, set it back and reinstalled it but all of this didn’t help. Forza Horizon 5, Motorsport 7 work fine.

Aditional Info:
Tried to play on my xbox series x today. The game launches, I can press play BUT when I buy a car it starts to save and crashes after a while on the saving screen. When I try to save a livery the same happens and the same goes for saving performance tuning.

My PC hardware is:
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
nVidia rtx3090ti
Windows 11

I also wrote a support ticket on friday or saturday but got no reaction whatsoever.

I deleted everything Forza related in the Appdata, Packages, Forza folder and I could finally press play without it crashing BUT same thing happens like on my xbox. Everytime I buy a car, apply a livery, or install performance parts the game stucks in an endless Savescreen and does nothing. Taskmanager is the only solution to end that.