game crashes on splash screen after pressing continue & syncing save data

this bug happened to me during a forzathon event i fell through the map & i restarted the game
so i could play again & it hasn’t been working ever since… it’s hella frustrating. i don’t know if i should wait for an update or remove my save data and lose all my cr and cars… i tried reinstalling the game and downloading it again for the third time now (while having a monthly cap of 500gb on my internet) heck i even resetted windows which deleted all my apps & forced me to redownload things and it still isn’t working… it’s obviously an issue with the save game & i refuse starting over with a new save as a solution.

it’s honestly ridiculous how the devs are ignoring such a game breaking bug while ton of ppl are reporting it.
Worst of all is that the developers do not manifest to give an explanation.

the game is now working fine after the latest top gear update, im truly glad i didn’t lose hope & removed my save + the loading times are now faster than ever

It’s a very nasty issue indeed. I have abosolutely the same problem which I posted about in other forum topics. The worst thing is that the devs do not say anything on this matter. My ticket is still open with no answers and help. Did anyone’s save with the same problem was ever fixed? As I can see this bug started to appear some time ago so maybe there are some lucky players who were able to have their game saves back.

same i opened two tickets up till now & i didn’t get a reply on neither of them, im kinda starting to lose hope for a fix… it seems that deleting the save files & starting over is the only solution

I have had the same issue, grey circle spinning (fell trough map maybe). Had to restart game, as soon as you need to press enter or A, CTD withouth any message.

I am still able to play, only on a new profile *so all my progress is gone.

If you want you can reset the app, go into the game, cancel the synch, play untill you have a fresh save. Now if you restart the game it will promt you with a synch issue. Click chose later and you will be able to play on a temporary profile untill they fix this.
Although ive seen people waiting for months for the devs to fix it…

for me its not even starting when i cancel the sync

try resetting the game, if it still isn’t working when u cancel syncing then try playing off an administrator account

I have exactly the same Problem.

I drove high speed against a Tree an got kicked under the Map.

The Map was empty and the Game crashed.

After restarting the Game it crashes to Desktop (after the Turn10 an Microsoft Intro at the Screen where you have to press Enter to continue).

What i tried to fix:

Reset the App in Windows Settings.
Problem: When i start the game, it syncs the Savegame and crashes again to Desktop.

How is the Process to open a Support Ticket at Turn10?

I only played like 10 hours in this Savegame. I would not mind starting over, but i am not sure what exactly will happen if i cancel the sync and play with a temp Savegame. I am afraid this

Had the exact same thing happen to me after i was done with a forzathon event i went under the map. Game then crashed to desktop after several times trying to start FH4 again. Game crashes to desktop after i press Enter or A. The loading circle will stop spinning and on the bottem left i will see Welcome…