Game crashes in setup manager

I was wondering if anyone is experiencing the game crashing trying to load setups in the setup manager? So far it seems to only happen with the Integra on my console.
If so, any ideas on a fix?

Double posted on accident.

mine is doing the same on all cars. Must be a server issue today…

I have the same problem since the server crash. On my Honda S2000 and Mazda MX-5 NA (1994).

I haven’t test on other.

Yeah I just read about the servers being down in other posts. Makes sense now. Dang it!

the game restarts everytime i go into setup manager. turn ten need to get someone who actually knows IT work. seems like they are just telling the janitor to keep the game running on top of all his other duties. ms needs to start docking dns pay for every outtage andd glitch…once it starts costing turn ten managment this will stop. it’ll be a big deal to him when its not “we already got your money sucker” anymore and it starts getting his money too.

Maybe you should go help them out. You seem like an expert in these matters as well as an overall business management expert.

I had the same problem and was planning to ask people on the forum, but apparently I am not the only one
I tried to find a tune for the peugeot lmp and it crashed on backing out of the game right into the main xbox menu a couple of times so I stopped trying and just shut down the game, hope they will solve this soon

I have this issue and it’s not from today…

Almost every car i’m searching for a tune there’s a trick to made the game colapse and return to the main screen where P1 stands and you have to hit A to start the game.

Imagine you use search to find some specific tune (for instance all C classe tunes for a car) The output is always all the tunes sorted by date beggining with the most recent ones… (mental note… we should have the same sort options as previous forzas, as most downloaded or rated… anyway…)

In most popular cars we probably have hundreds of tunes… but the issue and the glitch is that if you want to search for a tune of last month you have to pass them all until you reach the one you’re searching… you have to “lock” D-pad to pass more quickly the tunes and that’s this that burst the game… and made us beginning the game all over…