Game crashes everytime during business rental car Horizon Story on last race

So the business rental car in the city where you do the story races and drive the fast cars. I can do 9/10 races fine. The last race with the Senna. I finish the race, get my 3 stars and its counting down the credits and your influence and the game then freezes hard and crashes. I can reproduce this on both my Xbox One X in performance AND quality mode and on my PC. Same exact outcome, same exact moment after the race. Is this bug known? Its not counting my last race and I’m not getting credit for finishing the race. I can’t complete the story because of this.


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I have the same problem on pc. I have not played the race on my xbox one.

I’m glad I’m not only one. I let my friend login to my account on his Xbox and it does the same thing when he tries it. I even tried it in offline mode. Still freezes. Tried no network connection. Freezes.