Game crashes at the end of this race every time...

Freezes after this race

I’ve tried three times and each time after it shows my Cr and XP payouts ahen it switches over to the loading screen it freezes and shuts down.

Not angry or frustrated, I can always do another championship, I just wanted to let anyone who was doing the Hypercar Races in Saint Martin know to watch out.

P.S. I understand building a game takes time and these things happen. I just wanted to say thank you, for what its worth I love this game and look forward to seeing what the future holds.


Can I please ask if you are in our Xbox One Preview program? If so please PM me.


I am not…(Would love to be though)

Just posting an issue I had while playing earlier. Hope you guys can fix it.

I’m having the same issue with the Saint Martin Classic Racers championship with one of the street races. After several tries, and several crashes, I reboot my xbox and it finally recorded the win, but every other time it was as if I had never done the race.

I’m having a similar issue where the game randomly freezes the crashes, doesn’t what i’m doing its happened in free roam, multiplayer and in races

I haven’t had a crash in the past two days but can report that I have had similar problems and crashes those few days ago.

I had no problems with this one, loading times can be slow sometimes but apart from that it runs smooth. P.s I’m in the xbox one preview program.