Game crashes after leaving garage on PC

I downloaded FH3 on PC because I haven’t played it in a couple years.

Built a car, then exited the garage, then the game crashed during the cutscene.

Tried changing a few graphics settings and whatnot, and the only thing that helped was “thread optimization” or whatever it is. With it on, I couldn’t even drive before the game crashed. After turning it off, I made it around 100ft before the game crashed.

Because of that, I think it may be a CPU/coding related issue. And after talking with somebody in a stream that has the same issue, they told me that the game just doesn’t work on Windows 10 anymore.

He crashes in the same way that I do, and he said that all his friends that play it on Windows 10 all have the same issue.

I understand that the licensing and whatnot have run out, so the game may not receive any further updates, but it desperately needs one in order to function on PC for the people who still play there.

If anybody else has this issue, please help me bring it up so it can get fixed.

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Been having the exact same issue, I can quit garage but the game quickly crashes after a really short moment after

Game crashes when it’s online, quite odd, if offline, no issue

same for me. if i enter the garage there is no problem building a car or use the auction house. but when i leave the garage it is going to crash. sometimes a few minutes, sometime a few seconds after leaving the garage.

EDIT: after uninstalling the nahimic software and nahimic companion (both sound card related software) i have no problems at all anymore.

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OMG, thank you for reminding me. I was just getting plagued by this same scenario. I had the same issue with Crackdown 3. It seems Nahimic is the scourge of older Microsoft Store games. No need to uninstall it though, just open up services.msc and shut down the Nahimic service and its all golden now.