Game crash while opening photo mode for promo

My game crashes anytime I try to take promo pictures of the Emira, ‘Barbie Movie’ C1 Corvette EV/Hummer EV, Shelby Raptor, and the Donut Media Hi/Low cars

Console, Steam or MS Store version? Just for clarity so people know what to look for.

Photo mode crashing for me since season 22 started. Game hangs on entering photo mode for about 10 seconds, then just exits to desktop. I’m using PC/MS store version. Never been an issue until this current season.

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Check that raytracing isn’t maxed out, if it is just drop it to high or even lower. Mine crashes also if raytracing is anything higher than high.

No crashes with lower settings.

If the game runs without issues without doing that, then the fault is in the game as that simply should not happen.

That is correct. But the solution to the problem is nice to have, even if it’s not an ideal one.

Also I can confirm that I remember having problems when opening photo mode in races with ray tracing maxed out and lowering it down solved the issue.

That one about the RT had me. If the game ran fine at that level then a “static” image would be less taxing than the same level at 60fps or more. You would think so anyway.

Just started experiencing this today. Three times in a row I had opened photo mode while in a race and the game would immediately freeze for a few seconds then crash out to desktop.

I don’t recall ever having this problem before but the recent paid car packs have given me some new cars to grab promo pics of. I suspect this issue is pretty recent.

I did manage to grab some promo pics while in freeroam over the last week or two so for me it’s only happening during a race.

Windows 10, MS Store copy.

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Started having this issue the other day. MS Store Windows version. It seems to only happen during a race.
In free roam I’m OK.

EDIT: Can confirm that dropping Ray Tracing from Extreme to Ultra alleviates the crash, for now. But I never had this issue since Ray Tracing was added, nor since the launch of the game. First time I’m getting crashes in Photo Mode.

EDIT 2: Just got a crash for the first time since dropping Ray Tracing from Extreme to Ultra. So I guess it’s not a silver bullet.

I forgot to clarify I was on PC and it seems to me putting Ray tracing reflections on high is good enough for it not to crash.