Game Crash Then Big Bonus!

So I played the Hot Wheels today for a bit, got most of the roads driven and just touched a bit on A class. I was doing my first A-class race when the game froze then my xbox shut down.

No big deal, I reboot.

The game then prompted me to collect, from A-Z, ALL the manufacturer bonuses. AGAIN.
I now have doubles of all the FH5 bonus cars as well as numerous wheelspins. Both types. I also got the badge for 500 Horizon Open races when I really have 285.

Totally unexpected, unwarranted and unearned. But I like free in my favor.
Thank You PG games? Anyone else had this happen?


Can I have some monies? Just half a billion. You can have other half.

Didn’t have a crash but I’ve also been given all of the new car bonuses again. That gave me new cars and a whole heap wheelspins and credits. Also went from level 200 in open racing to level 400.

I’m not complaining but it must be a glitch.

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tbh it just makes me happy that i can get the quickchat phrases that were broken at launch lol

Same here, gifting all the dupe cars now, just because.


This makes Fortune Island look like more like a fortune cookie. I’m absolutely minted with double rewards now. :smile:

Can have fun (hopefully) gifting cool stuff to actually new players.

The same happened to me. And then this:

I love it how they manage to make the game more and more broken with each patch :smiley:


SURPRISE! :partying_face::joy:

(Had to haha)

The game crashed for me yesterday and that was enough.

Came back on Today and am now collecting all of the manufacture rewards again.

Neat features!

P.S. Also got 2 new badges in Horizon Open. 18 Wheel Spins and 12 Super Wheel Spins from the bonuses.

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Lol made me laugh irl


I honestly think it’s a bug, and only the new vehicles were supposed to have “locked” ownership achievements not all of them again… Oops. HAHAHA

Not going to lie - I redeemed that stuff so fast… I learned my lesson from the willy’s fiasco… exploit, and exploit fast before it’s patched.



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That’s the solution. You nailed it.
:sweat_smile: :joy: :grin:

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