Game Crash Paroxysm

Ever notice how the game freezes whenever a crash occurs during live races like the showdown races located at the six various car meets on the map? Well, when this occurs during a race, the system undergoes what I refer to as “Game Crash Paroxysm” whereby the crash causes a sudden spike in the computing resources called into play to handle the crash, and since these are enormous, Xbox One’s eight core processor and mighty graphics engine is unable to handle the “crash paroxysm” and the system freezes momentarily leaving the player to deal with the consequence of the elapsed time of the freeze, which is normally in the form of a disadvantage or advantage in game play position post-crash paroxysm. Take for example, you’re leading in a head to head race and you’re way ahead, and your opponent way behind decides to totally ignore the rules of physics in the game and negotiates a corner by crashing into a wall to move ahead ( yeah, go figure!!). Now you’re midway through a tight walled chicane and crash paroxysm occurs; there is a momentary freeze to your gameplay by a few milliseconds and suddenly you’re crashing into a side wall due to your opponent’s lack of driving etiquette or judgment, usually the former! Now this is an issue folk that need to be addressed with all the supposed power of Xbox One at Turn10’s disposal. Please get rid of the gameplay freezes due to crash paroxysm!