Game crash in reward menu in Trial a lot of times

Hello, I got same issue from game realise untill nowdays :frowning: most of game crashes fixed but one I got all the time. When I doing trail/weekly trial what is online race 6 players vs 6 bots I almost always got crash game on reward screen what is soooo annoying. I don’t know but FH5 need that super powerfull PC for menu working? Most of my crash game is in menu lol when I fast changing screens what is rare, earlier almost all wheelsping give me crash after 1s from spinning wheel but I thing its fixed now. Online races are terrible when is few races i almost got crash in reward screen after 1 race sometimes after 2 races or even 3 races. Very flustrating when you driving very well for win that trial who is most of the tame very hard becasue bots are sometimes OP. You won 2/3 races you are happy got first screen with rewards and want go forward and in this moment my game freeeze and crash. One day I lost 2 hours yes two hours for complete trail becasue game crashes always on reward screen and that was random sometimes after first race sometimes after 3rd race. What is most annoying? You won trial you are on reward screen and game don’t count this trail as completed after crash. Death loop trail crash i wanna say.
I saw on this forum some technicall people who know how record bug codes in game but forum changed and all posts are private or deleted.
Anybody got same problem with game crash in reward menu screen?
PC platform
AMD Radeon Aorus RX580 XTR 8 GB
16 GB ram
Windows 10, newest update. Drivers for graphic card newest. But since game realise I got a lot updates and this crash issue exist all time.
I hope somebody will got some idea what can casue this problem or tell me how find code when game crash.