Game Code for PC

Made the mistake of preordering Frorza 7, never received the game code. Spent all day yesterday Sept 28 got a run around on the phone with Microsoft customer support. They kept switching me from department to department, no one knowing what the problem was. Finally after 3 hours, one woman said they would email it to me at midnight for down load. I didn’t believe her but I was tired of wasting the day on the phone. Still haven’t gotten the game code to down load on PC. Been on hold for 1 hour and 48 minutes. Am I just not seeing it? Order history shows I paid for it on august 22 the ultimate edition. checked all my emails, including spam folders. No email with the code.

well after another 38 minutes, they finally answered and said they couldn’t send me a code. So they refunded me and told me to wait 5-7 days before reordering.