G923 simulator clutch issue

The Game isn’t responding when i press the clutch, o tried to reinstall the Game and modified the settings but anything works.

It might be a game issue?

You can get it to work by swapping input settings
(can’t remember how tbh,there are threads on here about it) it’s hit and miss at best to get it working.
BUT: i wouldn’t waste your time,because even when you get it to work it is next to useless.It has a terrible lag and you get massive clutch slip with each gear change. They might get round to fixing it at some time (it used to work ok - not sure which update nerfed it)

As above this can be changed with button mapping. If you haven’t used the wheel on this game before, I’d watch some videos on tuning the settings as it is really unforgiving and you’ll spend a lot of time going backwards through churro stands. Don’t get me wrong it’s so fun and once my foot has healed after a recent surgery, I’ll be back on trying to dial in those corners! Also you may have troubles with the brake pedal, it’s not broken, it’s just mega hard to press

I been playing with the simulator since FH4 and it never gave me problems, i guess i’ll have to wait until they fix the problem.

(And i know it’s not a issue with the pedal cause i also play FM7 and it runs well)

Did you try creating custom wheel settings?