G920 Wheel Setup

I’m trying to dial in my G920 wheel but I cant seem to get it right. Most cars will start sliding out of control if I dont brake to a crawl before sharper turns.

Does anyone have a good setup for this wheel?

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I am having the same issue as you right now. I actually was running a good setup on my G920 before the Fortune Island update came out. Currently, I can’t play the game with my steering wheel on PC because the dead zones are not correct on the game anymore. When Fortune Island came out, the dead zones were screwed up to where my original settings won’t turn the wheel until about 2/3 of the way into the turn. Before the Update, I had the dead zones respectfully at 37 and 51 for inside and outside but with the new update, it won’t recognize me turning the wheel. I attempted to turn them down to the lowest setting and I spin out everytime because it recognizes the wheel is always turning. There is no good spot in between and I have tested. Unfortunately, to answer your question, I can’t give you an answer if you’re on PC since it’s unplayable for me right now. I’m not sure if it is the same on Xbox because I haven’t tried yet. The best way to dial in your steering is to just practice. I had mine at my current settings when Horizon 4 came out for Ultimate Edition Owners and I still had a hard time. All it takes is practicing with the steering wheel and dialing it into your favorite settings and you will be drifting corners in no time.

The deadzones didn’t work before so disregard your ‘old’ settings, just set them at zero for inner and 100 for outer and go from there (the description for the outer is the wrong way around, ‘0’ is maximum deadzone size, ‘100’ is minimum).

As for the OP - not really, all wheels are like that at the moment, oversteer is very, very difficult to control without having to give every car very careful setup and 4wd, it’s pretty broken compared to the controller and keyboard.

I’m running a Thrustmaster T500RS, no deadzones, constant/periodic/damper/spring in Thrustmaster software all at 100, Minimum Force and Understeer in Forza both at 100. Damper and centering spring on 0. 1080 wheel degrees. Seems to work ok. I was making laps earlier, testing out each force individually. I’m not confident these are the best settings yet.

Almost forgot, Linearity and Sensitivity at 50. As far as I can tell, sensitivity is a duplicate linearity slider. Whatever.

Understeer at 100, minimum force around 50. Centering spring and damper 0. Linearity and sensitivity at 50. No deadzones. Play with minimum force for more or less sharpness. The understeer slider communicates the motions of the sprung weight, and would be enough information on it’s own to drive efficiently if the tires were realistic. Catching slides on any setting is still a nightmare.

I’m in the same boat with my G920 playing on the PC. Starting to grow a bit tired of spending so many hours just trying to get a handle on these settings. If anyone has found a combination that seems to work in keeping some control of the car, PLEASE post them here.