G920 Driving Force Shifter - 6 gears?

Well I ordered the G920 and the shifter as well - however it only got 6 gears.
How does the game handle cars with more than 6 gears?

For cars with more than forward gears, you would need to use the paddle shifters unfortunately. Would only be the same with the Thrustmaster TH8A shifter though, which is a 7 speed. There are some cars around now that have 8 forward gears, so we are not the only ones in the same boat.

A way to manage it with you tuned cars though, is to tune the gearbox to only use 6 gears. Though in some situations this may backfire. You will just have to experiment.

Thanks Ialyrn, thats just what I thought…

The only manual transmission car with more than 6 gears that appeared in a Forza game is the 2014 Corvette Stingray. Even in that car, top speed is reached in 5th gear. The top two gears are overdrive gears to improve fuel economy. The only other production car with a 7 speed manual is the Porsche 911 and it hasn’t appeared in Forza recently (hopefully in the new Porsche expansion pack).

So it’s not really an issue having a 6-speed as 99.9% of cars have 6 gears with a manual transmission. Most of the cars with 7 or 8 gears are automatics that you would use paddle shifters with. I never really understood why Thrustmaster made a 7 speed gearbox anyhow?

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thanks for that clarification!

the H shifter isn’t supported in Apex too, not sure how this is such a difficult problem to solve… I guess we have to wait a long time for this to get resolved, devs are working on other things atm and pc is filled with bugs.