G29 Wheel Pedal and Shifter. Trying to achieve sim feel

Hey guys. Been a huge fan of the Forza franchise when I was younger. Always been an Xbox and controller guy… last time I plaid Forza was horizon 1 or 2 …

My wife is starting to get into cars now and I figured let’s play Forza with a steering wheel? I learned a lot about driving and cars from just video games when I was younger so I figured she could too?

Well we purchased 2 sets of Logitech G29 w/ shifter. Got it set up yesterday on our 34 inch ultra wide and from the get go I was so disappointed…

It felt as if I was at the arcade playing one of those driving games…

I’ve been looking into settings but it seems like everyone’s trying to make it so it’s more “easy” to drive… or to be more competitive.

Well we enjoy building cars and racing them at the track so we don’t want easy we want it to be fairly close to the real experience. People who have issues with over steering under steering etc just in my opinion don’t understand tuning and differentials etc…

For the guys who like to have a challenge and understand every car is different can you share some settings I should tinker with ? Pedal and brakes settings as well?

I just want the wheel to feel a bit better and more realistic is all…

There’s some info out there but I think they are trying too hard to over compensate or that the info is too old and Forza is constantly updating.

Should vibrations be on?
Center spring?
Pedal sensitivity?
Wheel sensitivity?
Logitech software or in game?

I have made a post about helping people enjoy FH with a wheel. Maybe it will help you.